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Interview with Swiss ultra-cyclist Nicole Reist

After her second outstanding victory last year at the Race Across America, SPONSER athlete Nicole Reist (34) from Weisslingen ZH wants to reach new goals this season. In three non-stop races she is aiming for the women's victory: At the Glocknerman Ultraradmarathon World Championship from June 20-22, 2019, at the Race Across France from July 28 to August 4, 2019 and at the Race Around Austria from August 12 to 17, 2019. After winning several overall podium places last year, the world's best ultracyclist now also wants to stir up the men's field. Shortly before her departure for the Glocknerman in Austria Nicole Reist answered a few questions about her nutrition in ultra cycling.

Nicole, what have you planned for the upcoming world championships in ultra cycling?

In Austria I want to win my 4th World Champion title and warm up for the real challenges of the season. The Glocknerman is a comparatively short ultracycling race that I ride in one piece, i.e. without sleep breaks.

Do you have a special dietary schedule during an ultra competition?

Before the race it is clearly defined in which intervals I have to eat which food and drinks during the race. My crew is responsible for sticking to this plan. This is enormously important - a deficit that has arisen cannot be made up in an ultra race.

What is the biggest challenge for you in terms of competitive nutrition?

It has not been known for a long time that I have gluten and fructose intolerance. This caused my body to get food, for which it consumed a lot of energy for digestion, which I then lacked in the race. Since I've known that, I of course have changed my diet. A big challenge is that I have to consume calories, even if I don't feel like eating and drinking at all under the great strain. That is not easy - but it is part of my "job" as an ultra athlete. This is also not discussed with the crew during the race - I just have to do it.

What other challenges do you have to overcome?

In an ultracycling race lasting several days, it is difficult to assess in advance what is really possible. This depends strongly on external conditions such as the weather. But I know that I have the basic physical requirements and that I am mentally strong. Because the head is absolutely crucial in ultracycling races - when the legs do not want anymore. It is precisely this interplay of body and mind that fascinates me about this sport. The one cannot be done without the other. Just as important is the team that accompanies me by car during the races, looks after me, navigates me, entertains me, keeps me awake and provides my food. So ultracycling is not just an individual sport.

Which is your favorite SPONSER® product in the ultra competition?

I really like the LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA from Sponser because it is not too sweet.

We wish you the biggest success for your upcoming races, Nicole!

During all three ultracycling races, Nicole Reist's team will report regularly and up to date on her achievements in the respective competitions. Interested people can follow her live:
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