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Meal plan and nutrition tips for cyclists

On the 12th of September 2021, L'Étape Switzerland will start from Bern to Interlaken and offer amateur cyclists the opportunity to feel like they are part of the Tour de France, on a route that is largely free of traffic. With 110 km and around 2500 m of altitude, the L'Étape Switzerland is truly no walk in the park. But with the right food and an adapted nutrition strategy, even amateur athletes will pedal like the pros.

At L'Étape Switzerland 2021, the Swiss sports nutrition manufacturer SPONSER® will provide the cyclists with food and drinks along the route. The range includes high-quality sports drinks, first and foremost the highly compatible, mildly flavoured and acid-free COMPETITION. In addition, cyclists can look forward to tasty bars and wholesome LIQUID ENERGY GELs from SPONSER®, which will help them to overcome any energy shortage in the saddle.

» Download catering plan L’Étape Switzerland (PDF)

If you take an ACTIVATOR caffeine shot before the start, the first kilometres towards Thun will fly by. To activate the last energy reserves on the home stretch shortly before Interlaken, it is recommended to consume sufficient electrolytes and mineral salts during the race. ELECTROLYTES effervescent tablets, SALT CAPS or our high-salt HIGH ENERGY BAR Salty+Nuts or LIQUID ENERGY SALTY gels are ideal for this. And if you want to regenerate like a pro at the finish line, you can fill up with carbohydrates and high-quality proteins after the race, by means of our instant shakes PRO RECOVERY or RECOVERY DRINK.

SPONSER wishes all cyclists an unforgettable participation and is looking forward to seeing many happy faces at the food stations of L'Étape Switzerland 2021!

» Nutrition concept for long-distance cycling races (PDF)

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