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Practical tips for physical activity during the lockdown

To make the most of the lockdown phase, the following tips should be followed:

• Outdoor sports in consideration of social distancing are allowed. Activities such as trail running, jogging or long walks and hikes in the great outdoors, away from the crowds, are particularly suitable. The positive quality of fresh air and warming sunrays are not only important for a positive mind, but also for the production of vitamin D in the body.

• Strength training in the gym can also be easily replaced by strengthening exercises outdoors. How about a "rocky-style" jogging on the tried and tested "Vitaparcours" or "trim-yourself-path"? Let your creativity run freely.

Indoor sports also offer many variations for varied training. For example, creative strength circuit training (as offered free of charge and in great abundance by or the tried and tested cardio training on a bike, rowing or running ergometer. There are also numerous social platforms where you can even train together in groups.

• For many, solitary training is a great motivation killer. It is therefore best to arrange an appointment with roommates or family members and create an exercise unit together. Once you have made an appointment and planned something, there is a good chance that the inner bastard will stay in his den.

• It is important to consciously integrate sporting activities into the daily structure. Fixed training times are more binding than spontaneous activity and help to achieve the goals set.

• Depending on the time of day of the activity, different (physiological) training aspects are covered. Exercising before breakfast as fat metabolism training activates fatty acid oxidation, while strenuous weight training should ideally be done in an anabolic state.

• And last but not least, start with realistic goals. Gradually increase the amount of training and allow enough time for regeneration. Training should be fun, especially in the current situation.

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Author: Ruedi Wild
Pro triathlete