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The overview «RECOVERY PRODUCTS in comparison»

Functional & tasty! The new functional PROTEIN DRINK combines the two traditional brands SPONSER and EMMI and stands for highest functionality, taste and Swiss quality.

PROTEIN DRINK is a protein-based dietary supplement. A protein-rich diet supports the building and maintenance of muscle mass. A regular protein intake throughout the day is recommended, as the body is constantly building up and breaking down body protein.

The high-quality whey or milk protein, respectively, contains all essential amino acids and helps prevent the breakdown of muscle mass. This can be caused by poor nutrition, lack of physical activity and age-related loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia). PROTEIN DRINK also supports training in terms of recovery and the building of powerful muscle mass.

The tasty PROTEIN DRINK can be easily integrated into everyday life as a practical and high-quality nutritional supplement: As breakfast on-the-go, delicious snack and, of course, after training as a regeneration drink.

PROTEIN DRINK consists of high-quality Swiss milk ingredients and is produced in Switzerland. It contains no added sugar and is lactose-free, making it also suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Can be stored at ambient temperature (UHT), but tastes best chilled.


At more than 100 sporting events with more than 100,000 athletes every year, SPONSER® products are not only put through their paces under laboratory conditions, but also in practical tests. So not only our products, but also our athletes are always one step ahead of the competition.