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  • Caffeine shot with 200mg of caffeine from different sources
  • Increase of endurance performance
  • Improvement of concentration and attention
  • At work and in everyday life as a "cold espresso", only 25 kcal


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Professional articles about cognitive and mental performance
Background knowledge about caffeine

The performance-enhancing effect of caffeine has been proven many times in science. ACTIVATOR by SPONSER® is particularly used where an increase in endurance performance as well as enhanced attention and increased concentration are required. The shot is not only suitable for sports, but also for numerous situations in everyday life, such as work, study or going out.

ACTIVATOR provides caffeine from various sources, in free and bound form from guarana, mate, green tea extract as well as free caffeine. Therefore, unlike other sources of caffeine, the effect is not only fast onset, but also longer lasting up to four hours.

Endurance Sports:
Endurance athletes such as runners, bikers, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers or cross-country skiers swear by the immediate and lasting effect of ACTIVATOR. The effect is expressed not only in increased physical, but also mental readiness.
It is recommended to take at least 3 mg/kg body weight of caffeine about one hour before the desired time of action. Repeated intake during a longer period of exertion (for example for the second half of a competition) is usually lower and should be tested out in advance.

Weight training, martial arts:
In the gym and for martial artists, in addition to mental readiness, increased attention and concentration are also in the foreground. The ACTIVATOR Caffeine Shot is preferably taken 30-60 minutes before the load.

Ball sports:
Footballers, handball players, floorball players and also ice hockey players ideally use ACTIVATOR as a caffeine shot relatively shortly before the start of the game in order to achieve the maximum effect for the second half of the load, when endurance performance and concentration decline.

Work and everyday life:
For increased concentration and attention (focus), smaller amounts of caffeine of about 75-100 mg are often sufficient. Thus, ACTIVATOR can also be taken in two servings as a low-calorie "cold espresso".

General information on caffeine:
Numerous studies confirm the performance-enhancing effect of caffeine, which has been used accordingly in sports for many decades. The optimal dosage depends on body weight and ideally 3-5 mg per kg body weight is recommended.
Caffeine is listed as a so-called A-supplement (most effective supplement category) by the Swiss Sports Nutrition Society (

This product is vegan.

Take 1 flask approx. 30-60 min before the intended use (training, competition, increased concentration), depending on the desired effect period. For the best possible effect of ACTIVATOR in competitions, we recommend to abstain from caffeinated beverages for 2-3 days beforehand. Those accustomed to caffeine may otherwise require a slightly higher intake amount for the desired effect.

Endurance sports:
Adult endurance athletes benefit from the positive effect at a dosage of 3 mg/kg body weight, one hour before exercise. In the long term, after three hours of activity, another ampoule or in two portions. Caffeine reaches its maximum effect only 30-60 minutes after ingestion. The necessary dosage depends on body weight. The effect lasts about 2-4 h depending on the amount taken.

Body weight


50 kg


60 kg


70-80 kg

1 ¼-1 ½

90 kg

1 ½

100 kg

1 ½-2


per 100 ml

ampoulle (25 ml)

energy kJ (kcal)

210 (50)

53 (12)


0 g

0 g

of which saturated 

0 g

0 g


11 g

2.8 g

of which sugars

8.2 g

2.0 g


0.7 g

0.2 g


< 0.01 g

0.00 g

Per 100 ml: caffeine content 800 mg
Per ampoulle (25 ml): caffeine content 200 mg

Water, sucrose, plant extracts 2% (guarana, green coffee), lemon juice concentrate, caffeine, preservative potassium sorbate, acid citric, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose, sodium saccharin), flavour.

Developed in Switzerland and produced in Germany

notes: Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children and pregnant women. Do not exceed maximum recommendation of 1 ampoule* daily, store out of reach of young children. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. *or according to Swiss. Legislator max. 3 mg per kg body weight per kg body weight. This dosage is also given nutritionally for optimal effect


At more than 100 sporting events with more than 100,000 athletes every year, SPONSER® products are not only put through their paces under laboratory conditions, but also in practical tests. So not only our products, but also our athletes are always one step ahead of the competition.