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  • free from plasticizer and BPA
  • dishwasher safe
  • for cold or warm drinks until 60°

To enjoy your Sponser Drinking-Bottle for a long time the following handling instructions should be considered:

Wash thoroughly with detergent before the first use. The most efficient cleaning is done in the dishwashing. Do not use abrasive detergents. The bottles can be used for cold and warm beverages up to 60 degree Celsius, but only to a limited degree with carbonated drinks. Carbonated of fermenting drinks can lead to leakage and the cap can open itself unintentionally and abruptly. Filled bottles should be stored in upright position. Long storage in flat position (like in a sports bag or backpack can lead to spillage of a small amount of liquid. The bottles should not be thrown on the bottom. The cap can break when they are treated roughly. To maintain a proper surface and a nice print the bottles should not be treated with sharp items. The bottles can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Print Colours
The print colours are ecologically friendly, heavy metal free and constitutionally free of toxic elements and solvents. The applied raw materials comply with the marginal values from the EU-standard EN 71 (Safety requirements for toys), part 3 (migration of specific elements) from December 1994.

Food safety
The applied raw materials are plasticizer and BPA free and comply with food safety regulations. Migration tests are performed on regular bases by certified laboratories. The global migration is performed according to the requirements from 85/572/EWG and complies with the following directives:

The corresponding certificates can be obtained separately.

Leak Proofness
The leak proofness is limited to the short term application of limited pressure when the bottle is turned upside down or is lying flat up to 10 minutes, like it can happen when it is tumbled down. When a bottle is lying flat for more than 10 min. small quantities of liquid can be spilled.

Dishwasher Safety
The bottles and especially the print colours are dishwasher safe when used in commercial household dishwashing machines with commercial household detergent. The adhesion of the colour cannot be guaranteed when the bottles are washed in industrial dishwashing machines.


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